The response of Rivero (PSOE) and Rubiño (Podemos) to a deputy from Vox who accuses the LGTBI collective of claiming “non-existent neo-rights”

Posted: Friday July 16 2021 12:26 PM

Tense debate that we could see this Thursday at the Assembly in Madrid on the occasion of the Bill n ° of law brought to the hemicycle by United We Can to enforce the law against LGTBIphobia approved in 2016.

The member of the purple formation Paloma García Villa has defended that the group has for “only revenge” “to have survived”. “We, us, us, we don’t have a single victim on the other side,” he said.

It was then that Alicia Rubio, MP for Vox, harshly accused the representative of Podemos, accusing him of having “used” Samuel’s murder “without respect for him and his family”. “You live in Yupi’s world, dogged by the porn-Marxist revolution with other people’s money,” he said at the end of his speech, which caused some confusion on the camera.

It was then that he received two responses which were widely applauded in the networks by the deputies Eduardo Rubiño (Podemos) and Santiago Rivero (PSOE). “I, who am new to this House, knew that I was going to experience embarrassing things, but the LGTBIphobe speech has no name. talks to Rubio about the so-called “privileges” that the LGTBI collective claims to have.

Rubiño, for his part, assures that it is a political question, which he claims that Vox denies “because they have to promote xenophobia and racism”, as in the case of Samuel. The two deputies criticized the PP for its opposite position in this United We Can proposal.

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