The retired soldiers alert by letter to Felipe VI the danger of the “social-communist government supported by pro-independence and pro-independence”

Publication: Sunday, November 29, 2020 2:44 PM

73 retired army commanders signed a letter to King Felipe VI in which they alerted the monarch to the “deterioration” of “national cohesion”, naming the coalition government as the culprit.

They describe it as a “social-communist government supported by pro-independence and pro-independence,” according to ‘El País. “In addition, they show their support for Felipe VI” in these difficult times for the country “.

The military experts quoted by the newspaper say that these types of messages “only serve to identify the armed forces with a specific political party”, a message very similar to that defended by Vox during his motion of censure.

The Militia and Democracy Forum (FMD) criticizes this message, which would be “unthinkable in France, the United Kingdom or Germany”. A few days ago, retired air force soldiers sent a similar letter to the king.

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