The retired soldiers insist on their will to help “reverse the dangerous drift” of Spain “by giving their life if necessary”

Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2020 8:25 PM

The retired soldiers reissued a new statement along the same lines as the controversial WhatsApp chat messages in which they call to shoot “26 million motherfuckers” and carry out a coup

On this occasion, the document, to which “Infolibre” had access, is signed by “retired soldiers”, but we do not know to whom it belongs. In addition, they allude to the same arguments as in the letters that were addressed to King Felipe VI or to the President of the European Parliament.

They criticize that after the victory of the PSOE, they ally themselves with what they call “communists, separatists, putschists and pro-ETA”, and speak of a progressive deterioration of our country, in front of which, they insist, they maintain their “oath to defend the integrity of Spain and the constitutional order, give his life if necessary”.

This is in line with the letter to the head of state, showing their support for the monarch “in these difficult times for the country” where they claim that the executive threatens “with the decomposition of national unity”.

The new letter was released on the same day that the Defense Ministry sent the messages of the retired officers’ conversation to the prosecution, in which they talk about a coup and executions.

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