The revolution in human resources processes

In such a technological environment as the one we live in today, it seems impossible to think that business decisions can be made without the support of data, quantitative information.

In HR, it often seems like technology takes a long time to arrive, or it’s the last department to arrive, and in many cases we have relied on perceptions or hunches to make decisions.

Tools such as performance appraisal, management systems by objectives or climate assessments have long provided data to development decision-making, promotion or salary review processes in many companies.

However, it is nothing new that many of these processes are starting to be less and less efficient, mainly due to the speed at which the market is changing and new generations entering the world of work demand immediacy in the response. that before it was so much in demand.

So can we continue to give performance feedback once a year? Can we set goals in 12 month periods? Is it still reasonable to ask our employees how they are doing every and a half years?

Some of these processes have changed for some time, as John Doerr explains in the essential book “Measuring What Matters” where he discusses the use of OKRs to manage goals.

And some of them can be tackled in different ways through technology.

The technological revolution has also helped processes such as feedback on employee satisfaction (traditionally measured by long annual surveys) to become not only recurring but also real-time feedback.

Platforms such as Spanish Team Insights, Canadian Officevibe or Danish Peakon are revolutionizing these processes with technology that enables continuous capture of employee feedback in a simple, secure and reliable way.

There are fewer and fewer arguments to isolate the HR department from technology, as the market offers us many options to professionalize processes and improve decision-making with data.

Climate assessments, in particular, are one of the main thrusts of automation today, and you can start with some of the tools we offer.

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