the right cries out against the measure of grace and the PSOE asks for confidence in the process of dialogue

Posted: Wednesday June 16 2021 12:19 AM

Division this Tuesday at the Congress of Deputies, still following the pardons granted to the prisoners of the trial. PP, Vox and Ciudadanos shouted against this pardon, while the PSOE asked the Spaniards to “trust” and “not to doubt” the process of dialogue in Catalonia.

The lower house debated a PP motion, which will be voted on Wednesday, to deny pardons to jailed pro-independence politicians and that the sentences for the crime of sedition should not be repealed or lowered. A debate in which was highlighted the distance between the parliamentary groups which consider the pardon as a “political payment” to the members of the Executive and the separatist, nationalist and left parties, which consider that the measure “deflates” it. Catalan conflict.

Thus, the PP deputy Carlos Rojas rejected the pardons as “amoral”, “arbitrary” and a “betrayal” of the Spaniards, claiming that they constitute a “fraud of the law”. In addition, he indicted Pedro Sánchez, claiming that the prime minister is not “trustworthy” and that he is “very lonely and very badly”.

For its part, the far right has divided the criticism between the government and the Popular Party: Javier Ortega Smith accused the popular of applying “a cheap 155” in 2017 and the executive paying with pardons “a price for blackmail “. “These are not pardons, but insults,” said the member for Vox, who assured that his training would put on the bench those who attempt “a new coup”.

Ciudadanos leader Edmundo Bal, in turn, accused the executive of “crossing the line of power sharing” and wondered “what will follow”. “It is absolutely insulting and humiliating because the separatists are insatiable,” said the deputy spokesperson for the orange team.

Blame the PP for not offering solutions

On the other hand, the parties of the coalition government blamed the PP for the pardons it granted when it was in the executive and for its lack of solutions for Catalonia.

In this sense, the socialist Felipe Sicilia criticized that in the motion raised by the PP does not appear “neither a solution to the political and social problem of Catalonia” and accused him of questioning the Head of State, after the controversial words of Isabel Díaz Ayuso on the question of whether or not the king would sign the pardons. Likewise, he asked the Spaniards to “have no doubts” about the process of dialogue and to “trust”.

From Unidos Podemos, Joan Mena affirmed that the pardons are not an attribution to anyone, but a step to start negotiating a new territorial pact that includes not only the demands of Catalonia or the Euskadi, but also of emptied Spain. . In addition, he has disfigured the popular who question the pardons of the trials and “do not say much” of those granted since 1996.

ERC and EH Bildu also blamed the popular group for the pardons granted by the PP. Esquerra Republicana spokesperson Gabriel Rufián even quipped that “Tejero regrets a lot and that is why he continues to make paellas in Valencia”.

Junts MP Miriam Nogueras indicated that the PP’s “hatred” towards the independence movement “rots” them, while PDeCAT MP, Ferrán Bel, accused them of only seeking to “wear down the government” and “ cover their extreme right flank ”. From the PNV, Mikel Legarda called for abandoning judicial and penitentiary measures and for facing the Catalan problem through dialogue, leaving behind “intransigence” and “repression”.

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