The right to self-defense also applies to attacks by non-state actors. India told the UN meeting: India told the UN that we can already attack to face terrorists from other countries.

The United Nations
India said at a United Nations meeting that a country may already be compelled to attack in order to thwart an impending armed attack on behalf of non-state actors in another country. India also mentioned several terrorist attacks, including Pulwama, which were carried out on the lands of the neighboring country. India meant Pakistan. Deputy Permanent Representative of India to United Nations Diplomat KK Nagraj Naidu said so during the “Aria Formul” meeting organized by Mexco.

He said non-state actors such as terrorist organizations often attack other countries from regions far from the host country. Naidu said that a large number of countries believe that force can be used against any extra-state element carrying out activities from another country if “the non-state element has carried out continuous attacks on the country, if the country supporting it does not wish to face the dangers of the non-state element, or the country is supporting or sponsoring it.

He said on Wednesday that in other words, a country might be forced to strike before another country to thwart an impending armed attack on behalf of a non-state element. Official Security Council meetings on the use of force under international law are held. , non-state elements and self-defense. He said United Nations proposals 1368 (2001) and 1373 (2001) formally advocated that self-defense measures could be taken to prevent terrorist attacks.

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