The rise of online training is also reaching languages

Technology and languages ​​are the essential tandem of today’s education. There has been a change in society since the health crisis and, above all, in education. Technology and innovation have made an essential niche in education, betting on more dynamic, creative and immediate formats.

From ELEInternacional, an online platform for ELE teachers, the interest in learning the Spanish language is increasing day by day and hence the demand for Spanish teachers. In addition, online education is on the rise and education professionals need to be prepared to teach Spanish in this area.

Educational technologies or “EdTech” are developing day by day after the outbreak of the pandemic. That is why they have promoted virtual courses and encouraged the use of digital technology platforms. Online education is on the rise and education professionals must be prepared to teach Spanish or any other language in this field, says Ins Ruiz, founder of the online school ELEInternacional.

Currently, languages ​​are essential in any training. Not only to broaden professional horizons, but also to improve knowledge in training and as a personal challenge. From school, he insists that we must learn to assess the needs of students according to the educational context, it is necessary to distinguish the main differences of face-to-face and online teaching and to select from new tools to prepare interactive material that facilitate the learning process of children and adults in a more fun and experiential way.

Many times the training in ELE (Spanish as a foreign language) focuses on face-to-face teaching, without taking into account the needs that arise at that time. Face-to-face teaching is still latent, but it should be understood that the educational context is completely different from that of a few years ago.

For Ruiz, the world of languages ​​is one of the sectors with the most educational and creative content. In a space open to any innovation and this freedom makes it possible to create any proposal adapted to the specific needs of digital education.

Thus, teachers and students can deliver and receive any education via mobile devices, to catch up with platforms, ICT tools, virtual classroom management and applications. Some of the great benefits of being an online teacher have now been transferred to all areas of education. With the increasing increase in technology, education is developing in leaps and bounds and will continue to go digital, says Ruiz.

Additionally, one reality has become clear: the digital world has come to stay. As explained in school, many students demonstrate the effectiveness of online courses. This type of training is fundamentally based on the use of the appropriate ICT platforms and tools to which students are already more or less accustomed due to the use of social networks or digital updates.

But what are the keys to digital education? ELEInternacional highlights the main ones.

Work autonomously: select the appropriate methodology, create specific material, plan the courses by establishing all aspects related to the courses according to their own reason, but always keeping the objective in the needs of the student, by l ‘helping to achieve its main objectives. In addition, it works mainly with individual classes or in small groups; This allows us to better meet the requirements of each student.

This autonomy also allows teachers to have more freedom to organize the daily schedule. Plus, being able to connect from anywhere, especially now that you have to stay home and telecommuting has taken over. The online courses have a cognitive and constructivist methodology that promotes active and independent learning, explains Ruiz.

Among the other most notable advantages for the student is that his role becomes the main one, since the teacher is a simple guide in the learning process.

For Ruiz, thanks to these digital activities, the student builds his own knowledge in a guided way. Structuring learning around the central figure of the student implies that the different intelligences are also taken into account, so there are very diverse exercises (practical and reflection activities, video-seminars, readings, tests and interactive online activities. , among others). .

In addition, to get the maximum attention from the students, the ELEInternacional school advises to adapt to the context, to study the trends of the moment and to apply them at the right time.

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