The rise of virtual events continues

Over half a thousand events online in six months. With this data, the virtual community and event creation platform Copernicus shipped the first half of the year, which currently exceeds 50,000 registered users across the various communities, more than 100, which are created after the events are completed.

These data reflect a clear trend towards where congresses, fairs and events of all kinds go in their calls: a 100% online or mixed model, but with a virtual platform as one of its main resources and meeting points. . So much so that, according to its co-founder and CEO Xavi Creus, “the success of this virtual format has enabled us to make the international leap with the creation of two chambers of commerce and a cluster after having organized their corresponding events” .

And it is that to make these events last in time and to be something more than a simple forum for presentations, conferences, discussions or virtual meeting rooms is the goal of Copernicus, which has developed a tool that transforms a virtual event into a permanent online community. . The acceptance of this model is evidenced by the figures managed by the platform: since January, more than 50% of the events organized through Copernicus have subsequently become an online community.

Among the more than 500 virtual events organized through Copernicus since January, some stand out such as the Barcelona Women Acceleration Week (BWAW), which brought together more than 2,200 participants between March 3 and 5 on the occasion of the International Day of wife. Reuni del Cercle d’Economia 2021, which took place from June 16 to 18 with a hybrid format and in which 370 participants gathered in person and more than 1000 virtually.

Copernicus networking 3.0: from the virtual event to the online community

Founded three years ago, Copernicus is a platform for creating virtual communities and events which currently includes more than 20,000 companies and more than 1,000 institutions from the economic and commercial sphere. Between them there are more than 50,000 users.

Copernicus responds to one of the main challenges of virtual exhibitions and conferences: the difficulty of creating professional and commercial relationships in the medium and long term. It does this by converting the congress or event once it has been organized into a permanent online community. The platform offers more than 50 networking applications and makes it easier for companies and institutions to create virtual rooms to organize fairs, congresses, round tables, conferences or any type of online meeting. Its tagging system allows virtual communities to offer and search for services and solutions, connecting them to each other. In short, Copernicus adds the unifying power of online events and its cost savings to the ease offered by professional social networks and networking communities.

In Copernicus you can find virtual communities of the chambers of commerce of Spain, Barcelona, ​​Reus and Manresa; the Town Halls of Barcelona and Terrassa; Barcelona Activa, UPIC (Uni de Polgons Industrials de Catalunya), SOC (Servei d’Ocupaci de Catalunya) and the Oryon Universal high performance center for entrepreneurs and business innovation. The clsters have a special role in Copernicus. Among the 32 assets are Secartys (with 5 clusters), Railgrup, ClusterMoto, Cluster de l’esport (INDESCAT), Cluster de Salut Mental y Cluster de la Moda (MODACC). Currently, Copernicus works on average on 85 events per month.

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