The role of companies in matters of reconciliation and disability, according to the SDGs

Fundacin Bequal and Fundacin Msfamilia organized, in collaboration with Servimedia, an event on the management of work-life balance and disability in Spanish companies within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) .

During the celebration of the same it became visible how all the people want to bring their value to the society through their training and preparation and they will be able to achieve this if they do not find any obstacles. The testimony of Bequal and Msfamilia showed how businesses and organizations have to adapt to individual needs. In this regard, the two entities recognized that the SDGs mark a path, a roadmap for moving forward on this issue.

Disability conciliation and management measures

In addition, the conference showed how Spanish companies and organizations have a commitment to conciliation and equal opportunities and go further in complying with the law. Engaging in measures to reconcile and manage disability presupposes the materialization of a corporate culture and values ​​in which productivity coexists with social aspects and assumes a balance between the company and the company with a commitment social.

Roberto Martnez, director of Fundacin Msfamilia, focused his intervention on SDG 8: decent work and economic growth. Martnez explained how managing the reconciliation of personal, family and professional life can be considered as a people management tool: “At Fundacin Msfamilia, we have always been very involved in the defense and support of disability and its inclusion in the world. Workforce. For this reason, among others, we ask efr entities to respect the regulations in force on disability, as well as to develop a series of specific conciliation measures for people with disabilities. We believe that disabled people need more reconciliation and a different reconciliation than what other people might need ”.

For his part, Jos Antonio Martn, director of the Bequal Foundation, focused on SDG 10: Reducing inequalities. Martn analyzed how managing diversity, in particular with regard to disability, can have a positive impact on companies and organizations that engage in it. “In order to increase the employment levels of people with disabilities and improve products and services accessible to all, it is necessary to work on reducing inequalities (SDG 10). Everyone must have the opportunity to show their potential, their talent and their ability to be useful to society, for this the necessary conditions must be met, especially in groups at risk of exclusion, and these go through inclusive tools such as Bequal which not only enables companies to integrate the diversity that disability entails, but also to improve the results, reputation and sustainability of companies “

The experience of Naturgy and Pelayo

During the event, a round table was organized, moderated by Jos Manuel Gonzlez, Managing Director of Servimedia, and with the participation of Naturgy and Pelayo, two companies that have both the efr certificate and the Bequal seal.

Hand in hand with the two entities, the way in which reconciliation and disability are worked on in the workplace has been analyzed and Naturgy and Pelayo have shared their experience in this area to make you two success stories.

Maravillas Espn, Director General of Self-Employment, Social Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility, was responsible for closing the event: “Agenda 2030 marks a way forward through the SDGs. There is no economic and sustainable growth in a society without decent work, as stated in SDG 8. These goals are meeting points which, in this pandemic, have become more than ever necessary to progress as a society with more cohesion and social well-being ”.

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