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The essentials A breakdown affected the operation of the switchboard for the emergency number of Samu (15) on the Loire after “a technical problem”, said the CHU of Saint-Etienne on Tuesday morning.

The emergency number returned to normal around 8:30 a.m. after having had difficulty reaching 15 from 7 a.m.

The management of the CHU announces that an “internal administrative investigation will be initiated in order to clarify the causes of this temporary cut in detail”, whereby the telephone operators are “out of the question a priori”.

“After checks, no malfunction was found in our network,” an Orange spokesman confirmed to AFP.

Failure due to internal infrastructure

The failure appears to be due to the internal infrastructure of the CHU’s telephone network, confirming sources confirm.

The disturbance had led to the establishment of four ten-digit emergency numbers until the return to normal.

“The perimeter affected by this blackout is that of the south and the center of the department, the Roannais sector is not affected,” said Pascale Mocaer, deputy director of the CHU of Saint-Etienne, AFP, adding that the CHU dated The collapse of emergency numbers over the past week has been “very little affected”.

A national blackout last Wednesday

On Wednesday evening the numbers 15 (Samu), 17 (police), 18 (fire brigade) and 112 (only European number) were impossible or very difficult to reach anywhere in France, which forced people to renew their calls or to make direct connections use 10 digits put urgently by the authorities.

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Operator Orange announced on Monday that it would publish the results of its internal investigation on Friday after these serious dysfunctions occurred that resulted in at least five deaths, including that of a 28-month-old child in the Vendée.

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