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Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Islamic Affairs, Abdullatif al-Sheikh, issued a circular urging mosques to use loudspeakers only for azan (call for prayer) and iqmat (takbeer for prayer).

Riyadh. The issue of giving azan over loudspeakers in mosques has been the subject of controversy in many countries, including India. Now, once again, the controversy over giving azan through loudspeakers in mosques has started.

In fact, the government in Saudi Arabia has issued a new order regarding loudspeakers installed in mosques, against which Muslim fundamentalists have erupted. The government has said in its order that there should be limited use of loudspeakers in mosques.

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Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh has issued a circular in this regard. In this circular, mosques are asked to use loudspeakers only for Azan (call for prayer) and Iqamat (takbeer for prayer).

The government has given this information by tweeting

The Saudi government has announced the new order in a tweet. The new order instructs the government to reduce the number of loudspeakers in mosques. The order states that the volume of the loudspeaker should be kept at one third of its capacity.

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Not only that, legal action has been warned against violators of these orders and rules. The tweet said, “The Ministry of Islamic Affairs has issued a circular. Thus, people associated with mosques will have to use an external loudspeaker only for azan and iqmat. Also keep the noise low.

Abdullatif al-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia’s minister of Islamic affairs, said many families had complained that their children’s sleep had been affected by the length of the prayer. Commenting on the government’s decision, Minister Sheikh said the order was being criticized by those who wanted to incite hatred so that the problem would arise. Such people are the enemy of Saudi Arabia.

Questions have been raised about the sound of loudspeakers in India

According to media reports, the Saudi government has been considering issuing such an order for the past two years. However, now after much deliberation, the government has issued a circular. It is being said that the sound of loudspeakers causes a lot of trouble to the people, so such steps have been taken so that the common people do not have any trouble.

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Significantly, Saudi Arabia had previously issued such an order in 2019. In April 2019, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Islamic Affairs issued orders to reduce the number of loudspeakers in mosques during Ramadan. Even at that time, it was strongly opposed by radical Muslim organizations. This was followed by riots and some radical organizations took to the streets.

It is known that there has been a lot of controversy over the sound of loudspeakers in mosques in India. Renowned singer Sonu Nigam had raised the issue of loud azan in mosques and said it was harassing him. After which the season started all over the country. Apart from this, similar controversies have been witnessed many times in Uttar Pradesh as well.

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