The scape room is reinventing itself as a digital tool for selection processes and job interviews

The scape room is reinventing itself as a digital tool for selection processes and job interviews

AtitudPro, the business consulting, training and recruiting company, has launched “Escape Room Digital”, an innovative virtual staff selection program based on popular escape rooms. The program, which brings applicants together online to offer various activities at a specific time, allows for analysis of soft skills – such as teamwork, analytical skills or leadership – and is a very useful resource when interviews and processes cannot be carried out in-person screening process.

Based on the dynamics of escape rooms, the innovative “Escape Room Digital” program developed by ActitudPro consists of bringing together up to 6 possible candidates online on the same web page to propose different puzzles and activities so that they can decipher a code. a specified maximum duration. Through the game, job applicants are assessed by a team of expert consultants, who analyze their social, communication and emotional intelligence skills to achieve the set goal.

The new service was designed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic to respond to the difficulties faced by companies in conducting face-to-face selection processes and / or group dynamics. “Escape Room Digital” from ActitudPro has aroused the interest of companies from several sectors with the need to incorporate staff with less than 5 years of experience and who, therefore, have the need to demonstrate, mainly, their general skills.

“In addition to being an interesting solution for this uncertain period when the non-presence and home confinement marked by Covid-19, the virtual escape room selection process allows the analysis of the soft skills of candidates who do not can be demonstrated in a job interview or in other types of traditional dynamics, such as leadership skills, teamwork, digital skills, resilience or the ability to resolve under pressure, ”explains Fede Martrat, co-founder and managing partner of ActitudPro.

Candidates solve business challenges

Participants in the “Digital Escape Room” dynamic of ActitudPro have to solve a mission: to defuse a bomb located in the office. To achieve this, candidates must decipher different codes distributed among the various “virtual” rooms, while solving various challenges related to the company, such as: having to carry out a work plan with a precise budget, locate the figures of the company as its invoicing, its main values, etc. These issues are personalized and defined jointly and upstream with the client company.

The one-hour test is led by an HR specialist and supervised by an expert in the rental business sector, who analyzes the different abilities of the candidates and then issues a report.

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