“The secret of our success is that we have always known how to be close to our team”


Interview. Joaqun Bau, BMW Human Resources Director and Third Most Influential HR Professional 2021: “The secret to our success is that we were able to be close to our team at all times”

BY RRHHDigital, 01:30 – 05 July 2021

Joaqun Bau, Director of Human Resources at BMW, climbed to third place at the 2021 Human Resources Influencers + Gala, which took place on June 23. “It’s a spectacular recognition and more in a time where we are going through so much adversity. It is a recognition to the whole team that I have the pleasure to lead,” said Joaqun Bau.

With him, the ranking of the three most influential HR professionals in 2021 was completed, ranking only behind Itxaso Larraaga, director of human resources and CSR at SEUR, who reached the first position in ‘Los + Influential de los Recursos Humans’ 2021 and Raquel Gil, director of human resources at Sanitas Seguros, was elected in 2021 as the second leader of the most influential people in human resources.

Among the reasons that Bau points out as an impetus to obtain this recognition, Bau underlines the closeness to the employees and the team in some really difficult months for everyone. “The whole team was able to be very close to the employee. This affection that we have given, person to person, is what we now see recognized with this award. Night and day we were able to be close, night and day, to everyone. each of our companions “

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