The senior government official who ordered the confinement of more than 200 students in Mallorca has been investigated for illegal detention and procrastination

Updated: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 19:58

Posted: 20.07.2021 19:56

The Director General of Public Health of the Balearic Islands, Maria Àntonia Font, was summoned to testify as under investigation for the offenses of illegal detention and prevarication after ordering the confinement of more than 200 young people involved in a macro-epidemic of coronavirus in Mallorca. Among the groups of students who came to the island to celebrate the end of the course, more than 2,100 positives were detected in different autonomous communities.

The complaint was lodged by the mother of one of the students who were confined to the island’s COVID hotel, where travelers who tested positive for the coronavirus were allowed to self-quarantine and other possible suspects and close contacts have been established with them PCR (with the expenses of the stay covered by the Government of the Balearic Islands).

In the said complaint, which was admitted for treatment by the judge in charge of the case, the complainant argued that the students had been “kidnapped by an illegal administrative decision”.

From now on, the person responsible for the decision to confine them must declare himself in a state of being indicted on September 7.

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