The six essential characteristics of a good teacher


The six essential characteristics of a good teacher

BY RRHHDigital, 01:00 – 28 November 2020

The role of education professionals is crucial in the professional development of students, especially in higher education. A good teacher may have the knowledge to do his job well, but he must also show different qualities to grade his students. On the occasion of International Teachers’ Day, celebrated every November 27 in honor of San José de Calasanz, and in tribute to great education professionals, IEBS Business School, the leading digital business school for training online, indicates what are the 6 essential characteristics of a good professor of higher education, essential conditions to leave an indelible memory in the memory of his students.

Active professionals: A higher education teacher must be an active professional and be in constant contact with the sector. Thanks to this, you will be able to speak from experience by offering first-hand content about real situations you have lived or experienced, problems and solutions. Present-Orientation: To provide specialized and up-to-date training, based on demand and current market trends, an education professional must be aware of all that is happening around them to convey valuable content that is corresponds to the real situation of companies. Innovative Attitude: A faculty should be made up of new, established talent who, with effort and dedication, have innovated in their business, creating profitable models of success that add value to their employees and to society in general. Only those who have an entrepreneurial attitude will know how to transmit it to students. Practical content: Theory provides a foundation, but practice reinforces knowledge and experience. An educational team must train its students from the real view of the business world, putting into practice knowledge that can be applied immediately in their work. Born motivator: A good teacher should bring out the best in their students in every class, arouse their interest and concern for the world around them. Passion is what sets them apart, conveying enthusiasm for everything she explains. You must appreciate your work and seek to extract the best from each situation and take advantage of it to generate an optimal teaching situation. Encourage critical thinking: the teacher must stop being a mere transmitter of knowledge to become a manager of learning. The promotion of critical thinking is essential because it involves a set of capacities to know how to analyze, reflect, compare, explain and decide on the information to which we have access. You must not only impart knowledge, but also learn to think.

In this sense, IEBS Business School has the best professionals as teachers, a highly qualified faculty in permanent contact with the sector. People with extensive experience in their field who hold managerial and responsible positions in national and international companies and who seek excellence in their students by putting into practice knowledge that they can apply in their work.

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