the skills most in demand, the sectors that are successful …

These are the latest trends in employability: the skills most in demand, the sectors that are successful …

One more week, we return with Coffee Break, the first TV program dedicated to HR. This Monday, April 12, the TV program Coffee Break broadcasts a program dedicated to new social trends, to analyze which job profiles are rebounding the most in 2021 and what challenges recruiters and candidates face in doing so. face. in the face of new job vacancies.

The appearance and the “boom” of new technologies and the new techniques which have resulted from them have caused a 360 ° turn in the way of working and acting in the world of work. And, in this process of changes and renovations, the skills that are in demand today are variations and very new. We talked about all of this today on the latest TV show, Coffee Break.

But what exactly do we mean when we talk about these new changes and variations in the labor market and selection processes? To carefully analyze new trends in employability, we took “A coffee with …” Jaime Sol, Managing Partner of People Advisory Services at EY. With him, we will analyze which soft skills are most in demand by companies today, which are rarest among employees and companies and how we can stimulate the talent of our team from the inside out.

And just as the COVID-19 crisis is unfortunately destroying many jobs, there are sectors that have benefited from the latest changes in our society. Mónica Pérez, communications director at InfoJobs, accompanies us to find out which jobs are the most successful today. With him, we will find out what are the main jobs in 2021, which sectors are booming and what skills are in demand to access them.

In addition, as every week, we will analyze all the news from the world of work and we will know the opinion of our viewers through the section ‘On the radar’, announcing the question of the week and reviewing the most commented on social networks .

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