The soldier who died of a thrombus in Navarre was due to the AstraZeneca vaccine

Publication: Monday, May 3, 2021 1:44 PM

The death of a soldier from the Aizoáin barracks, in Navarre, was a consequence of the administration of the COVID vaccine by AstraZeneca, according to the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, who recalled this Monday what the reports conclude.

“In the medical reports they gave us, it seems that there is no doubt that the consequence was the administration of the vaccine,” the minister told the media. Robles visited on Monday the “America” ​​66 infantry regiment of mountain hunters, to which belonged Corporal Francisco Pérez, 35, who died on April 23 of a thrombosis, a few days after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

After his vaccination, the corporal suffered severe headaches and acute discomfort, which forced him to go to the first aid kit and later to the emergency services of a health center, d ‘where he was directed to a clinic, where he died a few days later. . During the visit, the Minister, accompanied by the President of the Navarre Executive, María Chivite, and the Government Delegate, José Luis Arasti, sent her condolences to the widow of the deceased soldier and to his mother.

In addition, after an act of tribute to the dead and a parade in the barracks, the Minister, together with General Francisco Javier Varela, had a brief meeting with the companions of the corporal, to whom she offered her condolences and thanked them for their “work and dedication”. Corporal Francisco Pérez, commented the Minister to her colleagues, “supports us and accompanies us all in one way or another”.

Robles later told the media that the soldier’s death “was very bad news”, but at the same time he reminded the media that “it is important that people get vaccinated.” After stressing that “it is true that it is very hard and that situations like these occur”, the minister stressed that the current situation “is a difficult situation”, but “the vaccine is also an insurance “.

The minister, who declared that during her visit, she had been informed of “the illusion” with which the corporal had received the vaccine, insisted on the fact that “from a medical point of view we must continue to get vaccinated, it is necessary to be encouraged. “” We wanted to be here to express our gratitude, our affection, and at the same time to give that touch that we have to defeat the virus and that the best way to defeat it , even if there are difficult and painful moments, is precisely to be vaccinated, ”he said.

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