The son of Rome could be near

The start of the last generation of consoles showed how Ryse: Son of Rome could conquer us with very good graphics. Plus an integration with the late Kinect. However, the people of Crytek did not dare with a second part. Now it looks like we might see something very soon.

Ryse Next, the project Crytek is working on

In a leak, there was talk of possible games that Crytek would be working on. Some projects that we know about them and others are a big surprise. Below is the list of titles that have been released.

Apparently there were documents in the leak for several planned / launched Crytek games, including:

• Crysis Next (Battle Royale game)

• Crysis VR (multiplayer shooter?)

• Hunt mobile (Hunt: Showdown but mobile?)

– / PPG / (@pokeprotos) October 31, 2020

Additionally, there is another tweet with the games in progress. Among them we find Ryse Next. And to mention Ryse as the Crytek project is to go back to ancient Rome. We’ll see if the rumor becomes reality.

This would certainly justify some of Phil Spencer’s trips to Europe. This German studio made a good game that was eaten by critics. It had good graphics but, the game was a lane and it could maybe get repetitive. However, its history, Spanish dubbing, and settings were impressive.

It would be very interesting to see an exclusive Crytek title for the new generation of consoles. In the meantime, we will have to wait for a possible announcement from the German studio or the Xbox.

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