The Soviet Union will drop a nuclear bomb in 15 minutes over China’s nefarious move, then … – Russia was about to attack China with a nuclear missile during border tension, files from the US reveal CIA

Relations between Russia and China are currently considered quite strong. But there was a time when the two countries thirsted for blood for each other. Not only that, Russia had prepared to launch nuclear missiles to teach China a lesson. This was recently revealed by the US intelligence agency CIA in a report.

The danger of nuclear war hung over the world
There was also a time during the Cold War when the danger of nuclear attack increased around the world. At the time, Russian President Nikita Khrushchev deployed his nuclear missiles in Cuba at the behest of Fidel Castro. China was also supported by Russia at this time, being the largest and most powerful of the countries under Communist rule.

Things changed after China’s nuclear test
However, circumstances have changed since China’s first nuclear test on October 16, 1964. China called this test Project 596. After this successful test, China became the fifth country in the world with nuclear capabilities. At that time, the border dispute between China and Russia was at its peak.

The unexpected war lasted for seven months in 1969.
Since 1965, military skirmishes between soldiers from the two countries began to develop along the Sino-Russian border. Many military casualties from both countries were also killed in these skirmishes. After that, China and Russia also increased the deployment of troops and weapons at the border due to the possibility of war. By 1969, the tension between the two countries had increased so much that from March to September, the two sides waged an undeclared war.

CIA report reveals Chinese decision
Russia hoped that the lingering discord within the Chinese Communist Party would help. At that time, there was a fight in China between Maotse Tung and Liu Shaoqi. However, Russia did not derive any benefit from this dispute. The CIA report states that on March 2, 1969, Chinese troops received direct orders from Beijing to attack Russian KGB border troops stationed on Genbabao Island.

China ambushed Russian soldiers
The region was located on the Ussuri River between Primorsky Krai in Russia and Heilongjiang Province in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). After which more than 300 Chinese soldiers attacked and killed Russian soldiers. Maotse Tung felt that the Russian army would not retaliate. Despite the large deployment of Red Army personnel in this area, it can take any action at a small level.

Russia deploys nuclear missiles
According to the CIA report, this action by China angered Russia so much that it put the Strategic Missile Force on high alert. At that time, Russian nuclear missiles were ready to attack from a distance of 1,500 kilometers in less than 15 minutes. However, Russia adopted a second option, attacking Chinese troops from an elite KGB border guard contingent. In which hundreds of Chinese soldiers were killed.

China suffered heavy losses
China was so afraid of Russia’s retaliation that it began to repeatedly call for talks with Moscow. Dr Robert Farley, assistant professor at the Patterson School of Diplomacy, also claimed that China suffered much more than Russia during this tension.

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