The Spaniards ask to alternate back to the office and teleworking

The hybrid model, the clear bet for September: the Spaniards ask to alternate back to the office and teleworking

The vaccination of a very important part of the population and the protocols and safety systems mean that more than half of the people questioned do not worry about returning to work and 13.1% are not “if we are all vaccinated ”, according to the study II on safety at the return to work, carried out by B + SAFE, whose objective is to know your state of mind on the safety requirements which must accompany this return to work after the holidays. On the contrary, 15.2% admit to being worried and 21.4% are, despite the vaccines, yet their sum is much lower than the 76% recorded in the study carried out last year.

More than 26% of those questioned consider that their company does not have adequate measures to prevent contagion, 17.9% declare that they are insufficient and 9% that they do not have these measures. When asked if they were ready for daily checks to avoid massive infections in the workplace, 84.1% said yes and 15.9% no.

Regarding the type of control they consider the most effective and in order of importance, the temperature control by reader or thermographic camera comes first with 56.6%, followed by the capacity control in the common areas (54, 5%), air quality control (44.8%), random antigen tests (40.0%), alternating face-to-face and teleworking (38.6%) and use of screens and hydro gel -alcoholic (32.4%).

At home and in the office

When evaluating the preferred option for working, 62.2% chose to alternate face-to-face work and remote work, 25.9% face-to-face work and only 11.9% telework.

The survey was carried out on a sample of more than 2,100 workers from different sectors and professional profiles from all over Spain, of which 54.9% were women, distributed in different age groups: 20-29 years (4, 8%), 30-39 (20.7%), 40-49 (35.2%), 50-59 (33.1%), and 6.2% over 60 years.

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