The speed of vaccination opens the door to vaccination of young people before the school year

Posted: Sunday June 20 2021 10:30 PM

With the vaccination campaign at cruising speed and with a growing number of immunized age groups, the Executive is already considering how to prepare for the next school year.

Precisely because of the progress of the vaccination campaign, it is young people who are recording a greater increase in infections. Whether the profile of the infected person has “become younger” is the subject of debate, with epidemiologist and former WHO director Daniel López Acuña wondering if it is really a “priority” for minors to be vaccinated.

“This is not the number one priority, we have a long way to go to vaccinate groups more sensitive to the severity of the disease,” he told LaSexta Noticias. Extremadura, Castile and León, the Balearics, Catalonia, Andalusia and Aragon wish to start the vaccination before the start of the courses, even opening the possibility that the vaccination is administered in the centers themselves.

In Liarla Pardo, the Minister of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, Jesús Aguirre, admitted that they were seeking to have this age group vaccinated “for the last fortnight of August”.

Looking at other countries, Israel, the UK, France or Germany were among the first to ban the vaccination of young people, but López Acuña opens up another possibility: donate the remaining doses to the poorest countries. , which he thinks “that would make more sense.”

Sanchez’s forecast

This whole conversation begins with the words of this Saturday from the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who foresees that the vaccination of the students of ESO (12-16 years) and of the baccalaureate (17-18 years) could begin two weeks before the start of classes in September.

This possibility is subject to compliance with the “authorizations provided for by the European Medicines Agency”, an announcement made jointly with the Ministers of Education and Health, Isabel Celaá and Carolina Darias, and which assures that it would represent “a step decisive for the long-awaited reestablishment of economic, social and educational normality ”.

Celaá has shown herself to be convinced that all students can be vaccinated the first week of September “so that they all get together”, with Pfizer being the “preferred” vaccine to be administered in this age group.

With the latest decision taken by Public Health, vaccination is extended to the age groups of 30 to 39 years, 20 to 29 and 12 to 19 years, which however still have to wait for people aged 40 to continue their process. vaccination.

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