The Star Wars universe is coming to Minecraft – Microsofters

The best-selling game in history continues to grow. Yes, not all users are satisfied with the so-called Minecraft Marketplace. The positive part is that we don’t need to use it. But, if you like the various prepared content and you are a fan of Star Wars, you are in luck.

Star Wars hits the Minecraft market

The package includes content from the classic trilogy (“A New Hope” to “Return of the Jedi”) as well as the streaming series “The Mandalorian”. This dlc includes a licensed map, skin pack and soundtrack.

Small upgrades for Star Wars fans who can wear the most popular skins and enjoy a top notch map. We love this content, especially a Star Wars fan server. We hope they continue to add content for those who want more than the classic Minecraft.

Otherwise, you can still continue to enjoy Minecraft. This is the advantage of the popular game Mojang, that anyone can play it however they want and will continue to be very entertaining.

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