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Today we remembered in the team that Teams has only been with us for four years. And how everything has changed since then. The Redmond giant was betting on creating its excellent service for working as a team, bringing together all its Office 365 services.

Today, every day we see new cases of companies making the jump to Teams to stay productive and connected as a team. As many of us continue to work remotely, we see the new Teams apps.

Microsoft Teams integrates a Starbucks application

Today we welcome Starbucks, currently available in the US, the app lets us share the joy of a Starbucks drink, pastry, sandwich and more, by sending a gift Personalized Starbucks email from a Microsoft Teams chat. Whether it’s a Christmas present or just recognition for a job well done, Starbucks eGift Cards in Teams are an easy way to recognize your teammates.

This application is the result of a long-term partnership between the two companies and the collaboration between Starbucks Technology and Microsoft. To bring this new gifting experience to life, Starbucks Technology has created the app that seamlessly integrates into Teams.

New Starbucks Vacation Teams Wallpapers

Last week, a slew of new scenes came in Ensemble Mode or Ensemble Mode. These had a Christmas theme and custom backgrounds were included as well. Plus tips for hosting a virtual holiday party. Today we’re sharing another select set of custom, Starbucks-designed and Teams-compatible backgrounds that give us even more options to commemorate the holidays with your colleagues in Teams. The backdrops include your favorite Starbucks vacation mugs, as well as a variety of scenes including a cozy Starbucks moment at home, a snowy Starbucks store setting, and more.

To add a new custom background, just upload the backgrounds you prefer. Then, while setting up video and audio before joining a meeting, select Background Effects, click Add New, and then select a background to download from your computer.

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