“The state belongs to everyone”

Posted: Saturday December 5 2020 11:18

The secretary general of Podemos and second vice-president of the government, Pablo Iglesias, believes that the republic will be a reality “much sooner than later” in Spain, a republic which will be, in his vision, “youth, feminism and the ‘to come up”.

In the Confederal Council of United We Can, Iglesias asked the young people to start this task “to move forward towards this republican horizon”.

“An agenda for the defense of public services, labor and social rights, of the common, of the brotherhood of the peoples of the State, of public resolution is opening. This agenda is republican. If anything has been put on the pandemic table, it is the need to defend and consolidate the common and the public, ”he said.

The leader of the violet formation defends that ERC and Bildu are part of the “reconstruction of the State” since “the State is the expression of what the citizens choose”. “They say that there are forces like us, ERC or Bildu for which we should not participate in the reconstruction of the state. We are as Spanish as anyone,” he defends himself.

Iglesias believes that the blocking of “rights” to justice “places them outside the Constitution, accusing them of” having no plans for a country “.

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