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The Nintendo Switch is the last console from Nintendo to hit the market in 2017. This has the peculiarity of being a so-called hybrid console, which thanks to a “dock” can be used as a wireless portable console or as a living room console “, a module connected to a screen or a television in which the console can be inserted, whereby performance will be improved. Rumors of this Switch Pro / Super Switch have been rife since the release of Nintendo’s hybrid console and it won’t end until the company makes it official. This time the new console would be announced earlier this week, with some even preferring the Thursday unveiling date, which is tomorrow. Nick Baker, a seasoned leaker, claimed Nintendo chose the June 3rd date, but since it has been postponed before, it could always be Bloomberg had already suggested a few weeks ago that the Switch Pro / Super Switch be introduced before the mass of video games, the E3 lt, which would leave the field free for publishers for 100% video game announcements from June 12th to 15th.

Increased performance

Whoever says Switch Pro or Super Switch naturally means outstanding performance. A phone call between an OLED screen manufacturer and its investors leaked a few weeks ago. He claimed Nintendo chose such a screen because of the advantages of higher contrast and faster response times compared to LCD technology. Older rumors have it that Samsung will be the maker of this 7 “screen (6.2” for the current Nintendo Switch). Also read:> WATCH ALL DAILY JVCOM REVIEWS By Tanabata, Jeuxvideo Editor

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