The surveys evolve this month under Microsoft Forms

We already showed you the potential of Microsoft Forms a few months ago. The alternative to Google polls is already a reality and those in Redmond continue to improve it every month. Let’s see how forms improve in January.

These features are designed to optimize the way users access, create, and share forms when completing online surveys.

What’s new in Microsoft Forms in January

First, the company adds the ability to format our text in Forms. This makes it easy for designers to differentiate and showcase content. In fact, users will soon be able to bold, italicize, and underline text content. By using a floating toolbar or keyboard shortcuts. The new format experience will begin rolling out at the end of January.

They began to implement a new feature that allows respondents to download or print a copy of their responses on the “Thank you” page after completing the form. When creating forms, we can enable this option for everyone inside and outside the company. To use this function, go to the “Configuration” menu and select the option “Authorize the reception of replies after sending”.

On the other hand, form owners can now easily collect responses to surveys from specific users or security groups. To enable this feature on the desktop, we need to click on the “Some people in my organization may respond” option from the drop-down menu. The new experience is also available for mobile users.

Microsoft Forms implemented a home page experience for desktop and mobile users. The redesigned landing page makes it easy for users to find shared forms, pin forms, find recently used forms, and more. The change applies to Business, Business, Education and Personal accounts.

The company has also increased the limit for using surveys in other Microsoft 365 applications. “Surveys you create from January 2021 will count towards the new limit of 200.”

Finally, anonymous respondents will now be able to use the immersive reader in the forms. As always, Microsoft suggests that we send your feedback to you through the company’s UserVoice.

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