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the essentials The man arrested on Tuesday evening after the murder in Saint-Michel near Cazères, who was arrested on Thursday the 3rd Tuesday. Accused of “murder”, the prosecutor demands the arrest of the suspect.

Not a word of explanation. If a: “I didn’t kill him …”

Arrested in Toulouse on Tuesday evening after a violent exchange of fire with the men of GIGN-Antenne, a 28-year-old man was charged with “murder” in the courthouse of Toulouse that Thursday, June 3rd. This boy, who was arrested in his grandparents’ house in Montberaud, admits, however, that he opened fire on the gendarmes several times. Precise shots, which are also the subject of a parallel investigation by the gendarmes of the research department of Toulouse – two gendarmes were wounded and another rescued from his bulletproof vest.
This Thursday, the suspect was “not charged with these facts,” said his lawyer Me Guillaume Conry. So far the charges only relate to the premeditated murder in which 42-year-old David P.

In Saint-Michel, near Cazères south of Toulouse, this mechanic was having a beer on his terrace on Tuesday when a person arrived on a white scooter. This man then crossed the garden before opening fire at least three times, leaving his target no chance. The handgun used, possibly a special 38, cannot be found.

It was not in Montberaud and after the first elements of ballistics it was not used against the gendarmes. On the other hand, through the search, a lot of ammunition and the material for their manufacture could be found. “His family, especially his grandfather, practiced a lot of sport shooting. This ammunition does not make the grandson the perpetrator, ”emphasizes Me Pierre Le Bonjour, lawyer for the accused.

Busy painting

He assures that he did not leave Montberaud on Tuesday, busy with painting work in the remote house. The investigations of the gendarmes of the Muret research brigade, supported by their colleagues from the COB of Cazères, would have made it possible to find the traces of these painting purchases on Tuesday morning.
After the murder, the gendarmes quickly approached this number 1 suspect for two reasons: a white scooter seen in Saint-Michel (the defendant is on a white scooter) and a violent altercation between the two men on the 10th of the Saint-Michel criminal court -Gaudens in November, David, who was killed on Tuesday, was prosecuted for threatening and injuring the accused boy with a billhook! The latter was injured and David was suspended for 4 months in prison.

For more contact between these two old friends. Until Tuesday? this must be proven by the instructions entrusted to the judge Vanessa Maury. The public prosecutor’s office requested the placement of an arrest warrant, which the prison judge confirmed this Thursday shortly before 8 p.m., unsurprisingly.

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