The Table of the Assembly admits the motions of censure presented by Más Madrid and the PSOE against Ayuso

Publication: Wednesday March 10, 2021 4:12 PM

The motions of censure by Más Madrid and the PSOE against Díaz Ayuso were accepted by the Bureau of the Assembly. Despite the fact that the President of Madrid had already announced the dissolution of the Assembly, the electoral law of the Community of Madrid stipulates that it will only be effective after its publication in the BOCM, so that the motion of censure would have entered into time. .

However, major legal pitfalls remain. As laSexta has learned, Díaz Ayuso is ready to take the courts to defend this dissolution, which would prevent the motion of censure and involve calling an election on May 4. From now on, if there are legal conflicts, they will be resolved by the third administrative contentious chamber of the Supreme Court, even if they could even apply to the Constitutional Court for violation of fundamental rights.

The leader of Más Madrid, Iñigo Errejón, had already defended that the electoral law of the Community of Madrid “specifies that the dissolution of the chambers and the calling of the elections come into force upon its publication in the BOCM” and “in today’s bulletin ‘there is nothing. ”

Although the assembly was dissolved between 11:45 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., the decree signed by Ayuso says the decree calling for elections will come into effect tomorrow, March 11. After, therefore, that Más Madrid and the PSOE presented their respective motions of censure, whose candidates are Mónica García and Ángel Gabilondo.

However, sources from the presidency of the Community of Madrid insist that “the decision is decreed at that time and published in the BOCM the next day, as stated in article 42 of the electoral law, so that any motion of censure is subsequent to this decision. ”and they reiterate to LaSexta that the decision of the Bureau of the Assembly on the motions of censure does not paralyze the publication of the decree with the call for tomorrow’s elections to the BOCM.

Political earthquake between PP and Cs

Madrid’s president’s announcement comes after the political earthquake in the region of Murcia. Cs and the PSOE have presented a motion of censure in the region which has also been extended to the city council of the Murcian capital and which, as one would expect, will cost the regional president López Miras, because between the PSOE and the citizens , they add a total of 23 votes, which confirm the absolute majority to implement the proposal.

Following this announcement, President Díaz Ayuso decided to call elections for fear that her partners would do the same within the regional executive. An idea that had already been circulating in the Madrid opposition for months, when the PSOE and Más Madrid urged Ciudadanos to overthrow the “ popular ” with a motion.

Shortly after the president declared the dissolution of the Assembly in Madrid, Más Madrid and the PSOE registered two motions of censure “given the irresponsibility of the possible call for elections amid the pandemic, which on the other hand, highlights this government “, as the general secretary of the Socialists of Madrid, José Manuel Franco, underlined.

However, there is a legal labyrinth: according to the law that governs the dissolution of the regional parliament, the dissolution comes into force the moment it is published in the Official Journal of the Community of Madrid, so requests are entered on time. .

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