the Taliban close the border with Pakistan: the Taliban strike a blow at Imran Khan, his eyes visible in Pakistan, an important closing border

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Taliban terrorists seem to become an abomination to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Taliban terrorists have now closed the all-important border with Pakistan, they demanded that Pakistan allow the “Afghan people” to come unhindered to Islamabad
The Taliban terrorists, who carry out horrific attacks in Afghanistan, are seen as an arsonist for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Taliban terrorists have closed a very important border with Pakistan. They demanded that the Pakistani government allow the “Afghan people” to enter Pakistan relentlessly and remove the visa requirement. It is believed that there is a big ruse behind this request from the Taliban.

The Taliban closed the Spin Boldak-Chaman border on Friday. The Taliban had recently captured this border and recovered billions of rupees from Afghan security forces. There is a lot of trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan across this border and both countries gain a lot. “No one will be allowed to come and go until the Pakistani government removes the visa requirement for Afghans,” the Taliban said.

Pakistan now strictly enforces visa requirement
For Afghanistan, this border crossing is the most important to connect with the sea, which is surrounded by land on all sides. Pakistan initially closed the area on its own and only reopened it last week. But since the Taliban captured Spin Boldak, Pakistan now strictly enforces the visa requirement that was not enforced before.

The Taliban issued a statement Friday saying Pakistan should remove all visa requirements for Afghans. The Taliban have also banned the march. At the same time, the Taliban governor of Kandahar warned that if Pakistan did not open the border gates for Afghans who surrendered with ID cards, then it would be closed on our side. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid also said his organization’s leaders supported the move.

The great movement of the Taliban to make the visa free
In reality, behind this claim of the Taliban, hides a big thing. The Taliban want its jihadists in Pakistan to be able to move easily from Afghanistan to Pakistan. In addition, many seriously injured Taliban are being treated in Pakistan border hospitals. Many Taliban fighters have been seriously injured as a result of the Afghan army’s appropriate response. In such a situation, he does not like to make the need for a Pakistani visa compulsory. Poor Pakistan, on the other hand, fears that due to the violence many people will flee to Pakistan, in such a situation their plight may get even worse.

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