the taliban warn turkey on kabul airport: the taliban warn turkey foreign forces in afghanistan will be treated as usurpers

Strong points:

Taliban, who occupied most of Afghanistan, threaten Turkey Taliban reject Turkey’s intention to take over security at Kabul airport
Taliban militants, who have occupied most of Afghanistan, have posed a strong threat to Turkey. The Taliban have rejected Turkey’s intention to take over the security of Kabul airport. He said Turkish President Erdogan made the announcement at America’s request, which will hurt bilateral relations between us and Turkey. The Taliban have said that we regard any foreign army as a usurper.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said Turkey’s decision to deploy troops to Kabul airport was a “small step”. Shaheen said, “This decision is against our country, national sovereignty and territorial security.” The Taliban spokesman severely advised the Turkish administration to reverse its decision. He said the presence of foreign forces in any country for any purpose would be considered aggression.
The Taliban “friends” of Pakistan dealt a heavy blow to Turkey and ordered it to leave Afghanistan
Turkey, America sign Kabul airport security deal
Suhail Shaheen said: “We do not interfere in anyone else’s business and allow no one to interfere in our business. If the Turkish administration does not reverse its attitude, the Taliban and the Afghan people will “will strongly oppose it. Earlier it was reported that Turkey and the United States have reached an agreement to manage the security of Kabul airport.

Not only that, Afghan Civil Aviation said that a new defense system had been installed at Hamid Karzai Airport to give an appropriate response to Taliban attacks. Previously, Turkey had offered to deploy a joint Pakistan-Hungarian mission to provide security for Kabul airport after the withdrawal of foreign forces. The Turkish president has said that if America wants us to take care of the security of Kabul airport, then we will need to provide diplomatic, material and financial assistance.
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Turkish President Erdogan has a hidden ambition
In fact, Turkey itself has taken on the responsibility of looking after the security of the international airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Behind this hides an ambition of Turkish President Erdogan. In fact, Turkey is facing a bad economic situation. Not only that, the public order situation is also very bad. In such a situation, Erdogan tries to present success to the Turkish people.

This is why Erdogan wants to stay in Afghanistan. Erdogan had also asked for help from friend Pakistan for this mission. The head of the Turkish army had also visited Pakistan recently. He had asked for Pakistan’s help in Afghanistan, but now Turkey has suffered a major setback because of Suhail Shaheen’s statement. Shaheen also dealt a blow to Pakistan. Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan spokesman has stated bluntly that Pakistan cannot run a dictatorship or impose its views on their organization. At the same time, Shaheen expressed India’s expectation to be impartial in this matter and appealed to the Afghan people and not to “an imposed government”.

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