The teams will now allow us to hide from heavy companions

Last month, Microsoft began rolling out a new feature for Microsoft Teams that allows users to appear offline. When this feature is enabled, the Microsoft Teams client will appear “offline” to other users and we will continue to have full access to Teams content.

Microsoft Teams wants to give us more control

Microsoft is currently working on a new feature that will allow us to set the Teams status to “Out of the office”. This is one of the most anticipated features. It should have been from the start and it finally comes to the popular app after a long delay.

Currently, if we want to enable the ‘Out of Office’ status in Teams, we need to open Microsoft Outlook (if available). And from there, schedule an away meeting on our calendar.

After the Teams update, which is expected to start rolling out in December, this trick will no longer be needed. A great advantage that finally comes to the popular Microsoft application.

When set to Out of the Office, Microsoft Outlook will automatically notify people that we are offline. This will happen when they try to contact us.

We can enable this feature from the Microsoft Teams profile menu and the status will be automatically reflected on all of your devices. The status will be visible when users try to communicate via chat or other means and will remain enabled until the end of the specified period.

Note that colleagues or students can still send messages, but you will not receive notifications. Minimize the number of messages received when you are really busy or prefer to work in silence and peace.

The Office, Busy, Away, or Do Not Disturb statuses perform a similar function. But this new status should make it easier for those who contact you to know that meetings will be delayed.

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