The teams will receive all these news in December

Microsoft Teams, the collaborative tool of the Redmond giant, continues to grow stronger. Its growth is unstoppable and there is not a week that we do not know of any news that is coming or is about to arrive on the platform. On this occasion, according to the latest information, we need to prepare for major changes and improvements for both Windows 10 and MacOS. Let’s go with them!

Teams improves its integration with SharePoint and the MacOS client.

According to the roadmap, Microsoft is working on a new feature that would allow SharePoint users to integrate Teams. This would allow them easy access to news, documents, group activities, etc. In Teams itself, we can select the “Add a team” option and choose the SharePoint content as a tab or label.

On a different note, those at Redmond are reportedly preparing to add an option that will also allow us to display our PC audio when we share our desktop or one window at a time on MacOs. This is a feature that has always been present in Windows.

New calling experience and multi-window improvements

The third new feature is known as “Meeting Moderation”. With it, meeting moderators can temporarily turn off chat, view comments, and turn it back on later.

Additionally, the Teams team has promised that in December, they will start rolling out a new calling experience that will show our contacts, voicemail messages, and call history in one place. We will also be allowed to join a call again in the future or to call again with a single click.

On the other hand, Microsoft plans to continue improving the multi-window experience that users can already enjoy, which allows them to separate calls and meetings into different windows. Apparently those at Redmond are focused on improving the performance of this feature.

More options for the status panel

The news doesn’t end there, but the guys at Microsoft Teams are adding new options to the status panel as well. This will allow Windows 10 users to select more specific times such as “away for 30 minutes”.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the new call noise cancellation feature is already being deployed and we can activate it from the control panel. Thanks to this option, the quality of our Teams calls will be even better.

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