The Telefnica Foundation launches 80 online training courses to improve digital skills

The Telefnica Foundation launches 80 online training courses to improve digital skills

Fundacin Telefnica takes a new step to promote digital employability by launching, during 2021, 80 Conecta Empleo courses, the free online training program to improve professional digital skills, particularly relevant in the current context, marked by COVID -19. Throughout 2020, the program benefited 204,880 people in the 9 countries where it is present, with nearly 3 million hours of training delivered. In Spain, the beneficiaries were 51,478, a figure that aims to increase this year to adapt to the strong demand for digital profiles and that no one is left behind in the face of new societal challenges.

The catalog consists of 20 courses, aimed at both unemployed people and professionals who wish to improve their employability, lasting between 30 and 40 hours and will be provided online free of charge every quarter via the Conecta Empleo training platform of Fundacin Telefónica. All of them offer specific technical training, as well as transversal training in entrepreneurial skills, agile methodologies and new working methods.

Digital training to connect society to the new employability

Among the most requested courses at Conecta Empleo are the different modules of “ Nanograduate Construction 4.0 ”, a training course aimed at promoting the digitization of the sector promoted by Fundacin Telefnica, CEOE and Fundacin Laboral de la Construccion. After two editions launched throughout 2020, the third edition will see the light of day in March. Other high demand courses are digital marketing, digital content creation for the educational environment, programming, agile methodologies or website design, all of which coincide with the most demanded professions currently in the workplace. job.

In addition, in the course of 2021, 3 new courses will be integrated into the program: Introduction to Big Data, Use of the smartphone for project management and Introduction to the Internet of Things. All of them will train the student to understand and participate in the changes that are occurring in the new increasingly digitalized labor market, and are suitable for all types of audiences without requiring prior technical knowledge.

To know the real market requirements, Fundacin Telefnica has two free digital professional advice tools, the Job Map and the Virtual Professional Counselor. Through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, both show in a simple, personalized and interactive way, the digital skills necessary to have a more employable profile. On the one hand, the Employment Map reveals which trades and skills are most in demand in Spain, by province, in real time, and the Virtual Professional Advisor advises the user on the route most suited to his situation. work, and how to prepare for it with more than 50,000 online courses on the best training platforms.

Fundación Telefónica, the social side of the digital age

Fundación Telefnica has been working since 1998 to be a catalyst for social inclusion in the digital age, mobilizing other social agents, to join forces and promote transformation. With this vision, he seeks to improve the development opportunities of people, through educational, social and cultural projects. It operates along 4 strategic axes:

Education, bet on its quality as a vector of social transformation, explore, inspire and transform teaching models to end the educational gap Employability, help people find employment opportunities and train in technological profiles most requested Digital culture, create and share cultural and technological knowledge through various initiatives related to science, innovation, art and learning STEAM Corporate Volunteering, mobilizing through Telefnica Volontaires our employees, present in 32 country, to carry out solidarity actions that meet social needs.

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