The ten most valued employee benefits in business

The Spanish labor scene has evolved in recent years, but there is one characteristic that has become stronger: the search for security on the part of the employee.

Currently, more than 600,000 people per month search Google for a company’s benefits. Indeed, when we are looking for a job, we want to know what they will offer us during the time that we are in the company. In this article, we show you the most popular employee benefits and how you can include Accrual in them.

What do companies offer their employees?

There are so many benefits available for a business. Some offer discounts, savings funds, health insurance, food and education vouchers, productivity incentives, etc. And others opt for non-cash benefits such as more vacation days, training, child care or flexible hours, among others.

To make your business a great place to work or to be in The Great Place To Work classification, you need to teach everything that makes you special and that is of benefit to the candidate!

Top 10 Most Valued Company Benefits

Every business is different, so every business develops its own advantages. The social benefits most appreciated by employees are:

1. Time flexibility

Adjust the work day to the needs of the worker by being flexible with the time of entry and exit, marking two options and organizing the day between a specific time slot.

2. Family reconciliation

Invest in a set of measures that favor employees with more advantageous conditions to develop their professional career without harming their personal and family life.

3. Bonus training

Use the premiums from the social security contribution to increase the performance and competitiveness of your work team.

4. Flexible revenue collection

It is an innovative social benefit that allows workers to receive their wages when they need it, without generating costs, additional steps or changes in the cash cycle of companies. Discover the advantages of flexible charging in this article.

Do you want to offer your employees the possibility of being paid when they need it, without affecting your cash register or your internal processes? This is the social benefit that the workers in your company need.

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5. Savings funds

Promote the culture of financial planning and offer your employees tax benefits to help them save resources while they are working for your business.

6. Bonuses or productivity incentives

Motivate your employees with rewards or financial incentives such as a merit pay rise.

7. Health insurance

Show your concern for their health and well-being.

8. Compensation in kind

It attracts talent through services that are not part of the basic salary such as use of the garage, company car, free transport, allowances.

9. Discount on company products or services

Benefit your employees from purchasing discounts on your company’s products or services. You will increase their engagement.

10. Food, Child Care and Transportation Control

It covers certain expenses of the worker linked to family reconciliation in his work schedule.

Here are the 10 highest-rated employee benefits you can offer your team. But with imagination and knowing your employees, you can differentiate yourself from other companies.

How to count the social benefits of your business?

Poor communication can make you lose talent. Here are some tips for describing and promoting the benefits of your business:

Yes of course. Highlight what’s important. Make the candidate’s job easier! Use pictures. Use photos and videos to give a more realistic idea of ​​the business and its benefits. Address the candidate. Count the profits in the second person, so the candidate knows the profits are for them. Explain the importance of profit to your business. The benefits demonstrate the values ​​and concerns of the company. Post testimonials. Do you collaborate with your own employees to explain the benefits they value most and that your company offers?

Where can you count your benefits?

Employment page: this is the gateway to all your offers, so your benefits should appear here. It’s the perfect place to show everything that defines you as an employer brand and where candidates will find more information about your job. Social networks: approach candidates with content that may interest them and that allows you to say what you offer with real cases. Job vacancies: Provide as much information as possible to candidates regardless of which portal they arrive. This way you can attract the talents you want.

What are the benefits of counting the benefits of working in your business?

In Employer Branding, anything that involves educating the candidate and letting them know about your business will end up being positive for you! So, some of the benefits that you will get by offering employee benefits, such as Accrual, in your business are:

Create valuable content. Improved image as an employer brand. Greater recognition by candidates. Improved candidate experience. Recruitment and attraction of talent.

As you see it! Having benefits for your employees helps you attract talent and convince potential candidates. Do you want to increase your employer brand image, improve the work environment or make your employees happier? Offer them exclusive benefits. Offer them Accrual.

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