The ten professional skills most in demand by companies in 2021


The ten professional skills most in demand by companies in 2021

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 27 January 2021

When an organization undertakes an HR research process, it is common for managers to be faced with the difficulty of choosing the type of skill to prioritize in the recruitment process.

And, in this new scenario of uncertainty due to COVID19, companies that want to grow will have to rely on human capital to know how to differentiate which skills are essential and cannot be lacking in any work team today.

“People are starting to worry about the culture of their companies for the first time in the first place, and this despite the health situation, it is a huge step forward for modernization of businesses in this country. This unprecedented crisis has changed the way companies work and become more flexible and digital, which is why the professional skills sought in new talents must adapt to this new philosophy ”, adds Bernat Farrero, founder and CRO by Factorial.

From Factorial, a software and services company specializing in solving human resources problems in SMEs, they indicate the ten business skills that will be in most demand this year and that cannot be missing in a work team:

Growth mindset. Drive, curiosity, ambition. A candidate who is not content with the status quo, who is not afraid to take risks, ask questions and try new things, all with the aim of developing professionally and broadening the horizons of the company. Data-driven decision making. In a world in crisis, it is essential that our workers (especially as regards managers) know when, where and how to choose the way forward, always oriented to maximize results and use resources in the most efficient way. possible. Critical mind. Challenging processes, goals and group dynamics, among other things, encourages innovation. Being able to give yourself the space to rethink new ideas that help shorten the path to achieving business goals is essential today. Resistance It’s not just about being able and knowing how to deal with the frustrations and inconveniences of general life and work, but also being able to get back behind the wheel quickly. An ideal employee in these times should be able to “mix and match” without major inconvenience. Flexibility. As with resilience, workers must have the intrinsic capacity and resources of power, among other things, to adopt new forms of face-to-face or remote work, use new tools and accept changes in the structure of teams. Comfort in a digital environment. It is no longer a question of being able to use a video call platform or an internal organization board, but of finding people capable of managing their time and their work performance 100% remotely and in a purely virtual context operating from the cloud. Great productivity. In a social context of crisis, value for money is essential and one of those resources is time. A worker must take maximum advantage and without neglecting his well-being of the eight hours a day for the accomplishment of his tasks. Commitment. Engagement when working remotely is vital. It often happens that outside of the office, without the contact with others and the comfort of being at home, it is easy to be tempted to concentrate on tasks that are not strictly professional. Attending meetings, being online when necessary, achieving goals and being able to report on results is more important than ever. Independent learning. Find new ways to perform tasks, incorporate new habits, consult with coworkers on how they do certain activities, or request time to take a course or mentor within the company. All of these variables and many more are important to consider when hiring an employee. It’s about finding those who are willing to grow with the business. Team work. More than ever and in 100% digital environments, being able to trust other employees, respect their time and have clear and concise communication, is an aspect to be taken into account. Teamwork is the key tool to achieve business goals.

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