“The thief thinks they are all of his condition”

Publication: Friday, April 9, 2021 11:01

Isabel Díaz Ayuso responds to Pedro Sánchez, who questioned the data on infections in the Community of Madrid; believes that not all cases are recorded.

The regional president slammed: “The thief thinks they are all of his condition.” “This president of the government that we have in Spain at the most difficult moment for our country for decades is a person who constantly lies systematically and, above all, who has a terrible obsession for the Community of Madrid”, he insisted in an interview in “Antena 3”.

He assured to have always doubted the Madrid figures “to put us on illegal alert in the Community of Madrid. And the other day, even speaking of the dead, that I have not started to dismiss them now. . of the dead He spoke of those who died in Madrid, while it is a tragedy that we all endure “.

“They said I was up against it and then it turned out we were right. In short, he always had a double standard with Madrid, he always had a constant war and he questioned everything we did. have done, “he insisted.

Antonio Zapatero, Deputy Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, also answered this question during a press conference. “It draws our attention to the fact that he is saying that” and he challenged the government to present the data if it has it different: “And if it does not have it, beg your pardon.

“Let the president of the government tell us that his data does not correspond to the real ones, I ask him and I ask him to present his data to me. Otherwise, let him apologize. Someone is in control,” said Zapatero.

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