The third wave gives back but only four autonomous communities fall below the positivity rate set by the WHO

Publication: Sunday, February 21, 2021 2:19 PM

Spain leaves the third wave behind. So far this weekend, there has been a downward trend last month, also this week with 34% less positives than last Saturday.

But if we look at the other risk indicators, the situation is not so rosy. The national average occupancy of ICUs remains at extreme risk, with two in three communities with more than 25% of their ICUs occupied by COVID patients. At the head of this saturation is Madrid: almost half of its ICU beds are occupied by patients with coronavirus.

It is vital that infections decrease for this pressure to decrease, but only four autonomous communities manage to be below the 5% recommended by the WHO: La Rioja, the Canary Islands, Galicia and Navarre. The concentration observed in the Valencian Community, which triples this indicator, is particularly worrying.

The situation of the autonomous communities

By carefully examining the data provided by each territory, we see how Cantabria is not reporting coronavirus deaths for the second day in a row, which it shares with the Balearic Islands, which are reporting 50 new infections.

Euskadi, for its part, registers 337 new cases, recording its worst positivity data (5.7%) of the week. According to a study by Osakidetza, one in five patients who enter the ICU will die from the pandemic. Positives drop below 100 in Murcia, which has reported 10 deaths in the past 24 hours.

Castilla y León has reported 218 new cases and 13 deaths, Andalusia certifies a decrease of 870 infections compared to last week with 1220 cases, Navarre transferred 57 new cases and Aragon, 162 infections without deaths.

Catalonia ends the week with 1,416 new infections and good news in the ICUs, which are down from 600 people admitted.

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