The three best alternatives for Google Photos on Android

All the good things are over and Google has decided to end Google Photos unlimited storage. This change will take place in 2021 but, if you already want to see alternatives, we leave you three very interesting alternatives.

The most interesting alternatives to Google Photos

Amazon Cloud Drive

The Amazon Cloud Drive app is a turning point on Amazon Drive. Unlimited secure storage from Amazon which costs just $ 11.99 per year and also includes 5 GB for videos and files. If that doesn’t sound like a good deal to you, you can choose the “All Unlimited” plan for $ 59.99 per year. The best part about Amazon Cloud Drive is that Amazon Prime members get unlimited storage for photos.

The app is very intuitive allowing us to preview photos, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. In addition to playing videos and music stored in Amazon Drive. A great alternative to Google Photos that you probably didn’t know about.


Flickr is a service used by photographers around the world. Its Android app and 1000 GB cloud storage solution is a very compelling argument. For that alone, anyone with a smartphone camera should consider trying this service.


We’ve told you about OneDrive several times before. The reality is that if you pay for Microsoft 365, the old Office 365, you get access to 1TB of storage with your subscription. Additionally, OneDrive for Android and iOS lets you turn on automatic photo uploading. This way we will not lose any memories.

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