The Tourism and Catering sector, the most affected in terms of the drop in holidays

The Tourism and Catering sector, the most affected in terms of the drop in holidays

InfoJobs, a job platform, recorded a general decline last December in most professional categories with a total of 112,033 vacancies to work in Spain, 13.6% less than in November ( 129,675).

The month of December has traditionally been a month of job creation in Spain, during the Christmas holidays. Thus, according to data from the Ministry of Labor, the number of social security affiliates increased last month by 31,659. In any case, the total balance of employees in 2020 is negative, with 360,105 affiliates less than in 2019 (-1.86%). On the other hand, the number of unemployed registered in the offices of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) increased by 36,825 people (0.96%) compared to November. Thus, the data collected at the end of this 2020 confirms that the coronavirus crisis has ended six consecutive years of job growth.

The Tourism and Catering sector, the most sanctioned in InfoJobs compared to 2019 data

The restrictions last month particularly hit the Tourism and Catering sector, which recorded the biggest drop compared to the same period of the previous year, with 10,058 fewer jobs (-82.9%). The other category on the decline is customer service, with 6,920 fewer positions (-37.3%) compared to December 2019.

With regard to the monthly variation, the categories which recorded the largest decreases are purchasing, logistics and warehouse (-28%), with 4,936 fewer vacancies; Health and health (-22%), with 1,370 fewer vacancies. The fall in holidays in both sectors is foreseeable if we take into account the fact that they came to record good results on the occasion of the Christmas campaign. Next come trades, arts and crafts (-21%), with 2,039 fewer offers.

Once again, the Commercial and Commercial, Purchasing, Logistics and Warehouse, and Customer Service categories represent nearly half of December’s job postings (46.1%) on the platform.

More specifically, Commercial and Sales, which records 27,245 vacancies (24% of the total in InfoJobs), decreased by 13% compared to the previous month, although it increased by 4% compared to December 2019. It is followed by the above-mentioned Purchasing, logistics category. and warehouse with 12,806 vacancies (11% in total), which also increased by 4% compared to 2019, and finally, customer service which recorded 11,610 vacancies (10% of the total). This category fell only 1% from November, but 37% from the previous year.

In December, the only category, along with customer service, which remained in terms of vacancies compared to the previous month was Marketing and Communications, with a total of 1,277 vacancies (+ 1.5%). Those that increased the most were finance and banking (29%), business administration (14%) and education and training (4%).

31% of vacant positions offered a CDD and 24% a CDI

Among the job vacancies registered in InfoJobs in December, a total of 35,093 job vacancies were published that offered hiring for a fixed term, i.e. 31% of job vacancies indicating the type of contract . In contrast, open-ended vacancies – 27,224 vacancies – accounted for 24% of vacancies on the platform last month. The figures for the type of contract are very similar to last month.

In December, when it comes to the type of workday to be done, vacancies offering full-time work predominate, accounting for 54% of the total. 21.5% of jobs offered part-time.

Andalusia, the only autonomous community in Spain with positive data

The Autonomous Communities that generated the most jobs in December were Madrid, accounting for 26% of the total vacancies, followed by Catalonia, which represents 23% of the total, and Andalusia (12%). Specifically, InfoJobs collects a total of 28,741 vacancies for work in the Community of Madrid in December, 10% less than the previous month. For its part, Catalonia, which has 25,274 vacancies, also declined by the same average compared to the previous month. They are followed by Andaluca with 13,533 vacant positions, 5% more than the previous month. The Andalusian community is the only one in the whole country to register positive data this month.

Here is the evolution of the jobs published in InfoJobs with all the autonomous communities:

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