The trial of Little Nicolas for pretending to be a link in the Royal House, seen for conviction: “I am calm”

Posted: Monday May 31 2021 1:38 PM

The trial of Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, better known as Little Nicolás, for allegedly impersonating a link between the government and the Royal House during a trip to Ribadeo (Lugo) has been tried on conviction after that the accused did not use the last word.

The provincial court of Madrid held this Monday the last session of the trial of Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, who sat on the bench accused of the crimes of usurpation of public office, forgery in an official document and passive bribery for this trip to Ribadeo in August 2014, for which two municipal police officers are also on trial.

In Monday’s session, the young man refused to use his right to have the last word, as he did last Tuesday in the trial in which he was accused of having falsified his identity card so that a friend can do the Selectivity in 2012 The lawyer because Gómez Iglesias demanded his acquittal on Monday for the trip to Ribadeo, stressing that the accused was “an imitator who wanted to be linked to the powerful” to satisfy his “mind megalomaniac”.

He also stressed that the facts judged are “not very moral”, but that does not mean that they constitute a crime. “We are not here to describe the profile of Little Nicolás, but to find out if there is any criminal liability,” he said.

For his part, the prosecutor upheld the request for seven years in prison for Little Nicolás for allegedly presenting himself as a post linked to the vice-presidency of the government and to the Royal House in order to meet the president of Alsa, Jorge. Cosmen.

The lawyer for the People’s Procuratorate, exercised by the Unified Municipal Police Association of Madrid (APMU), also supported his request for a sentence of 11 years in prison. In his statement, Gómez Iglesias told the court that he only wanted to feel “powerful” and “aim the gun”, but that he had never intended to impersonate an authority.

Forensic psychiatrists at the Madrid courts have ratified the report they prepared in 2018 for another case, in which Little Nicolás was acquitted of a crime of libel and slander against the National Intelligence Center (CNI) in 2016 In this report, they concluded that he suffered from a personality disorder with “narcissistic traits” and “immaturity” since his teenage years which, in his opinion, is “compatible” with the pursuit of power expansion that Gómez Iglesias recognized.

Key testimony for the Chamber was that of businessman Jorge Cosmen, who claimed that the accused was presented with said liaison post and recounted how he received a call during the meal they shared at the Ribadeo Yacht Club restaurant to which he replied: “Vice president?”

Along with Little Nicolás, Madrid municipal police corporal Jorge GH and Torrijos (Toledo) municipal police Carlos PLD, who accompanied Gómez Iglesias on his trip to Ribadeo, are on trial in this case.

The prosecutor, who asked for five and a half years in prison for the two offenses of public usurpation and passive corruption for each of them, lowered his request, proposing that they be charged with only one of these two offenses, not both.

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias has climbed the steps of the Provincial Court of Madrid on seven occasions in the last two weeks of this May, during which two of the four trials took place in which he is being prosecuted for fraud, forgery and usurpation identity. in which he starred between 2012 and 2014.

Among the four cases, he faces the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for 27 years and three months in prison for offenses of usurpation of public office, falsification of official documents, passive bribery, fraud, membership of a criminal group and disclosure and violation of secrets. .

One such case, in which he is accused of forging a DNI so that a friend could take the selectivity exam on his behalf, was seen for conviction last Tuesday, after he failed to used up his right to have the last word.

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