The tricolor will be hoisted at the UN Security Council today, a day of pride for Indians – The Indian tricolor installed at the UN Security Council today

New York
Today, the national flag of India will be installed in the UN Security Council. India begins its two-year term as a temporary member of this powerful United Nations body. The flags of the five new temporary member countries will be installed in a special ceremony on January 4. January 4 will officially be the first working day of 2021.

Permanent Representative of India to deliver remarks
Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy will carry the tricolor and is expected to deliver a short speech during the ceremony. Norway, Kenya, Ireland and Mexico have become temporary members of the United Nations Security Council along with India. They will be part of this council with temporary members Estonia, Niger, Saint Vincent and Grenada, Tunisia, Vietnam and five permanent members China, France, Russia, Great Britain and the United States.

India to become UNAC President in August 2021
India will lead the United Nations Security Council in August 2021 and then chair the Council for one month in 2022. The Council is chaired by one member for one month, which is decided based on the names of the countries in the English alphabet. . The Kazakh tradition of flogging began in 2018.

What is the United Nations Security Council
The United Nations Security Council is one of the 6 main organs of the United Nations. Its main task is to ensure peace and security in the world, besides adding new members to the United Nations and changes to its charter are also part of the work of the Security Council. This council also sends peace missions to countries around the world and if military action is needed in any part of the world, the Security Council also implements it by resolution.

Once established
Like the United Nations, it was founded after World War II. The first meeting of the Security Council was held on January 17, 1946. The Security Council had long been weak due to the Cold War. But he played an important role during the Congo War and the Korean War. Apart from this, peace missions have also been sent to many countries as needed. The Security Council consists of 5 permanent members and 10 temporary members. Temporary members are elected every two years.

Lead global peace operations
After the disintegration of Russia, the strength of the Security Council increased considerably and this led to peace operations in many parts of the world. The Security Council carried out several peace operations in Kuwait, Namibia, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan and the Congo during the period of instability.

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