The two runaway minors were found safe and sound in Toulouse – ScoopCube

The main good news: The two runaway minors who belong to their Gers host family in Armous-et-Cau were found safe and sound in Toulouse as they prepared for the train to Marseille.

Émilie and Maïlhy were found in good health when they were about to board the train between Toulouse and Marseille at 6:37 p.m. yesterday. The two young girls, 13 and 16, had lost company to their host family in Armous-et-Cau near Marciac im Gers the day before.

The youngest is therefore taken into her foster family and the oldest takes over a home. The two teenagers had left Friday night in the hopes of joining a friend they met on Facebook who lives in Marseille.

The alerted Gendarmerie von Gers immediately issued a search notice and contacted the law enforcement authorities of Toulouse and Marseille.

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