The UGT predicts that the toll of work accidents in 2021 will be “dramatic” and assesses more than 660 deaths

The UGT predicts that the toll of work accidents in 2021 will be “dramatic” and assesses more than 660 deaths

The UGT predicts that the toll of accidents at work in 2021 will be “dramatic” and that, according to the figures that the union organization manages, it is probable that the number of deaths in accidents at work will exceed 660 deaths.

That figure will be lower than the 721 people who died in a workplace accident in 2019. However, the union believes that data shows that occupational safety and health is being left “in the background” in the business.

However, in the official figures proposed up to November, a total of 595 workers died during this period, which is 17 more people than during the same period in 2019, “and this taking into account the decrease in l ‘business activity caused by the Covid-19 Crisis “.

The organization led by Pepe Álvarez has shown its concern at the “alarming increase” in fatal accidents during the working day “, because the logical thing is that it would have decreased due to the decrease in activity, like this occurred with accidents at work with low “.

“Considering the high number of workplace fatalities, even with the sharp decline in economic activity, it has become clear that occupational safety and health is left in the background in companies,” he said. declared, after to point out that fewer accidents occur, but that they are more serious, “since the deaths occurring during the working day increase”.

For this reason, the UGT considers that it is necessary to open “as quickly as possible” a social dialogue table on work accidents to agree on urgent measures to put an end to this situation.

He also considers that it is essential to articulate “immediately” a plan to fight against accidents, because the “constant” increase in deaths at work is “very worrying” and must be treated “urgently”.

“Among the axes of this shock plan, we must not miss the reduction in the incidence of psychosocial risks among the working population since the first cause of death during the working day is heart attacks and strokes, pathologies associated with occupational risks, ”he adds.

On the other hand, he advocates the creation of the figure of the territorial delegate or the sectoral delegates for prevention through collective bargaining. This, in his view, “would help improve the prevention of occupational risks” in SMEs in the country which do not have trade union representation.

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