“The UK is our main trading partner outside the EU”

Posted: Saturday, January 2, 2021 6:04 PM

Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya on Saturday visited the facilities of the port of Bilbao, the one with the most traffic with the United Kingdom of Spain, to see how they prepared for the new situation. by Brexit, after its entry into force. the divorce between London and Brussels with the arrival of the new year.

The Minister, although she acknowledged that there will be “additional” costs with the new processes, does not believe that there will be “a decrease in trade” with the British country, and insisted on “the government commitment “to” help “businessmen to continue their trade” as easily as possible “with the UK.

In this sense, González Laya has ensured that “all necessary investments” have been made to this end, both in infrastructure and digitization and in personnel. So, although she admitted that “the rules of the game have changed”, the minister argued that trade between Spain and the UK “continues to flow” because “we are ready”.

The Foreign Minister also stressed the importance of continuing to rely on London as a trading partner. “The United Kingdom is our main trading partner outside the European Union, it is the main destination of our investments,” he said, insisting that “a lot” is at stake “in this business relationship”.

“We want to make sure that once the UK leaves the European Union trade will continue to function normally,” he added, in statements to the media.

I would be “happy” to share the government with Iceta

On the other hand, González Laya assured this Saturday that she would be “delighted” to share the government with Miquel Iceta, to questions from the press on the candidacy of Salvador Illa in the Catalan elections, thus replacing the leader of the PSC, who opens the door so that the latter becomes minister.

“He is a person that I respect enormously, whom I greatly appreciate and whatever his future is, I will be delighted to share with him,” he said.

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