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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on world leaders to address the current crisis in order to increase treatment, testing and drug use.

United Nations. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres compared Corona’s period to war. In a statement, Guterres said the whole world is at war with Corona. He said the “necessary weapons” to fight the epidemic should be equally accessible.

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The epidemic has brought with it a suffering tsunami

According to the United Nations, Guterres told the World Health Assembly that the Kovid-19 epidemic brought with it a devastating tsunami. He urged world leaders to address the current crisis by increasing access to treatment, testing and drugs. He vowed to move forward immediately with the global plan.

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The transition cycle will continue in poor countries

According to the UN Secretary General, the world is facing such a situation. While rich countries will open the doors of their economies by vaccinating, the cycle of infection will continue in poorer countries. He warned that despite the rapid introduction of vaccinations in rich parts of the world, the crisis is not over yet. Significantly, 4.4 million people have died in the world, including India and Brazil. In rich countries like USA, UK and Israel, the economy is likely to start after vaccination.

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