The United States and Japan are hosting war games in the South China Sea amid mounting tensions between China and Taiwan:

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Given the threat of war with China over Taiwan, the United States and Japan are exercising this exercise at a time when the region is increasingly concerned about China’s aggressive behavior.
Given the looming threat of war with China over Taiwan, the United States and Japan are conducting a covert maneuver and military exercise. This exercise comes at a time of growing concern across the region about China’s aggressive behavior. Military officials from the United States and Japan began to seriously plan for a possible conflict with China during the last year of the Trump administration.

The British newspaper Financial Times quoted sources linked to the military exercise as saying that this secret exercise is taking place in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. In 2019, then Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided to give a comprehensive form of military planning given the growing threat from China to Taiwan and the Senkaku Islands.

Chinese navy very active near Senkaku Islands
This process of military readiness against China continues even after the change of leadership in both countries. The tension between the United States and Japan increased as China sent much of its fighter jets and bombers to the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone. On June 15, 28 Chinese fighter jets entered the territory of Taiwan. Not only that, the Chinese Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard have also become very active these days near the Senkaku Islands of Japan.

The island is claimed by China and Taiwan but is administered by Japan. China has always insisted that it wants Taiwan’s unification with China. China has said it wants peaceful reunification but has not ruled out the use of force to annex Taiwan. Randy Schriver, an American expert, says that in many ways the Chinese military has brought America and Japan together for a new thinking on Taiwan.

A war plan is being drawn up for Taiwan
In fact, America has wanted to do more and more joint military exercises with Japan, but Tokyo has avoided it so far. Now, because of China, this dilemma has eased but not yet over. As defense cooperation between the two countries began to develop, Japan asked the United States to share its war plan with Taiwan. However, the United States has refrained from doing so. Now united between the two, a war plan is being drawn up for Taiwan.

America started exercise with Japan

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