The United States facing the India-China border: the American admiral at the height of mistrust between China and India

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At the height of mistrust between India and China, the U.S. Navy admiral claimed responsibility for India’s action to stop China in Ladakh, the admiral said – the defense relations between the India and the United States are at the best level ever.
Admiral John C. Aculino, who will become the new head of the Indo-Pacific command of the US military, said the atmosphere of mistrust between India and China is at its peak. China’s deceptive action and lack of transparency in the Indian Ocean region have threatened the stability and security of the entire region. For this reason, he asked the US Congress to devise a special strategy to surround China.

Lauded India’s action against China
Admiral John C Aculino also praised India’s efforts to secure its northern border in a month-long standoff with China. The admiral claimed that the defense relationship between India and the United States was at its best. Regarding the recent activities of China, he said that these activities highlighted the dangers that China poses for all countries, including India.

An atmosphere of mistrust is at its peak in China and India
Admiral Aculino told Parliament’s Armed Services Committee on Tuesday during a hearing to confirm his name as commander of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command that the atmosphere of mistrust between India and China was at its height. apogee. Bilateral relations have deteriorated as a result of the Real Line of Control (LAC) skirmish and India is very skeptical of China’s activities under the One Belt One Road initiative.

China’s stand in Gwadar and Hambantota is worrying for India
Responding to written questions from MPs, he said China’s position in Gwadar in Pakistan and Hambantota in Sri Lanka is also of concern to India and the situation is also in the Indo-Pacific region. The deceptive action of the PRC in the Indian Ocean and the lack of transparency pose a threat to stability and security in this country.

America Steadily Increases Cooperation with India
In response to a question from MP Deb Fichter on China’s action on India’s borders and the future of Indo-American cooperation, Admiral Aculino praised India’s work to protect its northern border . The admiral said that the military relations between the United States and India are at their best and that the United States steadily increases the issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, exercises, high-level joint operations and cooperation at the highest level.

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