The United States lost the war against the Taliban: Joe Biden on the lost United States war in Afghanistan: what Joe Biden said about the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan

The Taliban have stepped up their attacks since the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. During this time, it has become common in the world to discuss whether the US military has lost to the Taliban in Afghanistan. In fact, America has fought for almost 20 years to eliminate the Taliban from Afghanistan in the name of the fight against terrorism. During this time, the United States had to spend 2,000 billion dollars (14 93,08,00,00,00,000 Rs) for the presence and functioning of the troops. Not only that, 2,300 American soldiers were also martyred in the war against the Taliban.

Refusal to compare Afghanistan to the Vietnam War
US President Joe Biden has said that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is not a Vietnamese defeat. He also said America was not going to declare victory in Afghanistan. Biden announced on Wednesday that the US military would end its military operation in Afghanistan on August 31, not September 11. He also believed that America had not achieved such success in this 20 year war which can be celebrated.
Biden said even after silently leaving Bagram Air Force Base
During this conversation, Biden was asked if the soldiers’ silent departure at night from Bagram Air Force Base, the proud center of American power, was a symbol of humiliating defeat? In response, Biden said absolutely no. By the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, American troops had left Saigon in the same way. To which Biden said there was no similarity between those two starts.

Taliban wreak havoc, Biden urged to flee Afghanistan, deadline set
“We found Osama bin Laden in this fight”
He said there would be no such situation when the rooftops of the US Embassy in Afghanistan were seen breaking through the crowds. It is not at all worth comparing. Despite this, Biden maintained that he did not claim to have accomplished the mission in Afghanistan. He said that some of our missions in Afghanistan are definitely over. We found Osama bin Laden but we could not eliminate terrorism from this part of the world.

The Taliban in a strong position today
Biden admitted that the Taliban are today in their strongest position since 2001. He denied that Taliban fighters are seizing power in Afghanistan through guerrilla warfare. Biden said nothing of the sort would happen. I have confidence in the capacity of the Afghan army. Biden, however, acknowledged that the Taliban and the Afghan government could soon plunge into civil war.

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