The US military in the Persian Gulf: America withdrawing missiles and the Patriot army from the Persian Gulf, what is Biden thinking? – Joe Biden orders Pentagon to withdraw Patriots and MIM-104 forces from Persian Gulf region of Saudi Arabia

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Biden shows gentle attitude towards Iran, removes troops and weapons deployed in region. Boudan’s Notes on American Arabia Said US – US Will Take More Responsibility And Use These Weapons against Russia, according to the report in Washington.
Joe Biden showed his gentle stance on Iran before he became President of the United States. They have now ordered the US military to begin withdrawing the Patriot anti-missile system deployed in the Persian Gulf near Iran. Not only that, he also ordered to reduce the military force present in this area. Under which the US military deployed against Iran will be transferred elsewhere.

America removes arms from Gulf countries
Following this order, the Pentagon sent three Patriot systems out of the area, the Wall Street Journal reported. One of them was stationed at the Prince Sultan Air Force Base of Saudi Arabia. Apart from that, an aircraft carrier, a surveillance system deployed in the Gulf countries and a large number of soldiers were sent elsewhere with weapons.

Deployment plan against China-Russia
The report also claimed that the missiles, weapons and troops withdrawn from here could be used to bolster barricades against China and Russia. The Pentagon considers these two countries to be its main global competitors. The two countries are currently working together against the United States. Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also visited Beijing for this.

America will also remove Thod
U.S. military officials are now considering removing anti-missile systems, surveillance drones and other military weapons from the High Altitude Zone Defense Zone (THAAD). The United States says Saudi Arabia should now do more of its defense responsibilities. The Pentagon has also formed a Tiger team for this, which will help Saudi Arabia protect its oil installations and facilities.

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How dangerous is the American Patriot missile?
America’s Patriot Advanced Capability – 3 (PAC-3) missis is one of the best defense systems in the world. This missile defense system is capable of killing ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and enemy combat ships in an instant. The All Weather Missile is manufactured by Lockheed Mortin.

Despite the Russian S-400, why does Turkey want to buy the Patriot system from the United States? Know the reason
This missile is currently deployed in these countries
Patriot Advanced Capability – 3 missiles are currently in force in USA, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Poland, Sweden, Qatar , United Arab Emirates, Romania, Spain and Taiwan. The US military deployed the Patriot missile system during the 2003 Iraq war. The missile defense system deployed in Kuwait destroyed many enemy missiles in the air.

America will not tolerate Saudi Arabian attacks in Yemen, Biden says – violence must stop
Biden’s attitude is gentle on Iran
Joe Biden has been known for his gentle stance on Iran from the start. That is why Iran is now expected to return to a nuclear deal with the United States. The United States and Iran have said they will enter into indirect negotiations with other major world powers so that the two countries can return to the agreement on limiting Iran’s nuclear program. About three years ago then-President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

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