The vaccination plan in Spain against the coronavirus will take place in three stages, from January to June, and with 18 priority groups

Updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 3:07 PM

Published on: 11/24/2020 3:03 PM

The coronavirus vaccination plan has been approved. As announced by the Minister of Health, it will take place in three phases, since the first vaccines will be available in limited quantities and will gradually increase, and 18 groups have been formed.

Salvador Illa justified the choice of these 18 priority groups on the basis of four criteria: the risk of mortality, the risk of exposure to the disease, the risk of disease transmission and the socio-economic impact.

Healthcare workers, those who live or work in nursing homes and people with disabilities will be the first to have a voluntary and free option. To find out what other favorite groups are we will have to wait, as the minister has said he will not release them until his vaccination round approaches.

“We expect to be able to start vaccinating in January, when we receive the first vaccines.” The minister specified that the supply will be in three batches depending on the availability of vaccines. “The first stage will be limited and will run from January to March. The second, which may increase, will probably last until June.” Illa stressed that she will be in a third stake when the campaign can “cover all priority groups”.

With it, it is expected that a substantial part of the population will be vaccinated in the first six months of 2021. The strategy will be designed by the government in collaboration with the autonomous communities, with the aim that there is no differences in access between different territories. . In this sense, the minister stressed that this vaccine will be “just as safe as all those used in the country”.

– First stage: initial and very limited supply of vaccine doses. This step, estimated by Salvador Illa at a press conference, will take place in January, February and March 2021. And two and a half million people will be vaccinated.

– Second step: gradual increase in the number of vaccines which will increase the number of people to be vaccinated. This will be between March and June, according to Health calculations.

– Third step: increase in the number of doses and vaccines available to cover all priority groups.

In this first phase, there will be a priority group:

1. Residents and health and social personnel of residences for the elderly and disabled.

2. Front-line health workers.

3. Other health and social workers.

4. People with disabilities who need intensive supports to develop their lives (large non-institutionalized dependents).

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